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Shorties™ TOT

Shorties™ TOT

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Player Height | 38"-42"


Everything necessary for your little one to start swinging away! Designed specifically for toddler height, weight, and strength. This set will help your little shortie learn a proper swing pattern while growing a love for the game through confidence and success.

Set includes:

  • EasyCarry Stand Bag
  • Driver - 28"
  • 30-degree hybrid -24"
  • 7-iron -22.5"
  • Pitching Wedge -21.5"
  • Putter 21.5"
  • Rain/Travel Cover
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Billy Storrs
Best kids clubs out there!

Finally a set of clubs made for small kids that doesn’t sacrifice quality! We’ve tried a couple of the other junior sets made by other companies, and these take the cake!

Geno Bonnalie

My 3yo daughter is SO excited about her new clubs. Also, they are very high quality. 10/10


Kids love them and husband was impressed with the quality!

Husband loves them

My husband was probably more excited then my daughter, but she loved them too!

Happy happy

My 4 year old absolutely loves these.


What age range are Shorties Golf clubs designed for?

The most accurate way to get the correct sizing is by height, but based on average height-by-age charts in the US, our clubs have been played by 2-year-olds all the way up to 8-year-olds. Please see our Sizing Chart to help select the right set.

How do I know if my child is ready to use Shorties Golf clubs?

You will know your child is ready for golf clubs when they can stand/walk on their own and show interest in playing with specific toys. For most kids, they are ready to begin putting around 18-24 months with adult supervision of course!

What is the difference between Shorties Golf clubs and standard adult-sized clubs?

Shorties clubs are not just cut down adult-sized clubs. They are specifically designed for the age and height ranges provided which means they are smaller, lighter, and more forgiving than standard clubs. They are also much cuter.