Why Shorties?

Golf is a game of precision, but there is a
serious lack of options when it comes to golf clubs for kids. The sets that are
available often come in age ranges such as 4-8 and 8-12. How can the same club
length that a 4-year-old plays be the right size for a 6-year-old? Shorties was
created to fill the gap and put the right size clubs in your kids’ hands, without
having to pay the outrageous prices of custom fitting.

Why it Matters

One of the most important aspects of the game of golf is proper fitting equipment. Ensuring proper fit while introducing a young player to the game helps avoid swing problems that can be difficult to correct down the road, and even affect their desire to play.

Having well-fit clubs will make golfing with your little one a productive and enjoyable activity and brings you the peace of mind that they have the best set available for their current size.


One of the fastest changing variables for your kiddos is their height. (When did they get so tall?) Our clubs are made to accommodate kids as small as 34". We also have 1 year segment sets, meaning more options to accommodate different heights, because we know not every kid fits the average height chart.

Kids golf swing

Swing Weight

Specifically weighted to help promote proper swing path and consistent, accurate contact. With Shorties, your child has a club that feels comfortable and easy to swing.

Junior golfing tips


Shorties golf sets make it easier to hit a real golf ball higher, farther, and straighter.This goes a long way in helping kids develop a lifelong golf swing.

Kids golf club sizes

Club Up Program

Kids grow fast. It can be difficult – and expensive – to keep your kids with the right size of anything! Since we are all about making sure your little golfer has the right size clubs, we created a way for you to make sure their clubs fit without having to pay full price for a new set every year.

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